Timeless interiors

that defy fleeting trends



Kalg is an innovative concept of creating durable flower pots and interior decor elements with a minimalist design and thoughtful construction, characterized by transparency. The combination of these features gives them a modern look and makes them an elegant decoration for any space.

The vision of Kalg

We are Kalg


Our desire is to create a harmonious family space filled with flowers that promotes close bonds and enhances well-being. We strive to provide you with a home filled with warmth, love, and tranquility, where flowers serve as a living symbol of care, balance, and harmony in family relationships. We want our beautiful plants to not only adorn the interior but also be a source of joy, creating an atmosphere where closeness and connections can flourish. Join us in discovering the magic of flowers and create a place where harmony and well-being thrive.

We are the Kalg Flowers brand, introducing an innovative concept to the world of flowers. Our modular designs are not only beautiful but also resistant to trends and fashion, making them timeless. As a brand, we place a strong emphasis on air purity and a love for flowers, offering unique and simple designs that add elegance to any interior. Our products are also distinguished by their ease of assembly, multi-generational durability, and our commitment to ecology and zero waste. We are proud to be the choice for conscious consumers.